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Only the Latest Technologies working for you! This ensures good fuel consumption, and generator protection.


Country wide parts support. All our new generators are on a database with part numbers, part books available on all our new diesel generators


We provide support for all our new generators. We take support for all our new generators very Seriously, so if you have any questions, just contact us. We’ll get back to you ASAP.


Brand new generators sales. Our new generators is carefully assembled and tested, ensure a product that will deliver.


Quality that you can trust! You can be assured of the best quality and support on all our new diesel generators.


Quality workmanship. Our personnel are trained and the work guaranteed by Newtontech Power. We deliver and install our products country wide.

Cummins Engined Generator Range

C15Kva C25Kva C35Kva C40 C60 C80 C100 C150 C180 C200 C250 c300 c350 c400 C450 c500 c550 c600  c750 c800 c900 c1000 c1250 c1400 Powerpack 2000kva Cummins

Deutz Engined Generator Range

D12 d20 d25 d30 d40 d60 d80 d100 d130 d150 d200 d250 d300 d350 d450 d550 d800


Volvo Engined Generator Range

Volvo-200 Volvo-250 Volvo-300 Volvo-450 Volvo-500 Volvo-630


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